OUR Best Philosophy

Children shape themselves due to their interactions with people and locations.

The children who attend our Yamanto childcare facility will be treated with honesty and reverence. We will work daily to earn and keep the trust that families have placed in us, and StarKids Early Learning Centre has an “open door” policy, which means families are welcome to visit at any time.

Each child’s growth requires a clear and stable climate. The safety and well-being of our children are our top priority. A strong partnership between the centre and our communities is a critical component in quality childcare.

Children have lived and learned with others since infancy, in family and neighbourhood communities, and in early childhood environments.

At StarKids Early Learning Centre, we recognise parents as key educators in their children’s lives, and we respect the rights and roles of parents as their child’s most important role model. Consequently, we respect and promote the involvement of parents of children in our care by acquiring knowledge about each child accessible through the Storypark portfolio system of tracking the child’s success and individual growth.

We agree children deserve a secure, warm, and caring atmosphere. Within the bounds of age-appropriate healthy conduct, our children are given constructive instructions. For all children, we set an example of dignity, equality, and social justice.

Children are social creatures driven to communicate and engage with others to extend their education.

We understand each of the children at StarKids Early Learning Centre Yamanto has unique needs. Staff members are encouraged to share a common interest and obligation to provide the best possible environment and education to the children entrusted to their care. All employees are valued members of the team.

Exploring their environment by exciting and engaging play is the perfect way for children to learn and improve. Physical abilities, performing arts, problem-solving, mathematical knowledge, language, and reading – and, most notably, the desire to establish and sustain relationships and make sound choices – are all ways in which our centre allows children to achieve their full potential.

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world,” – South African leader Nelson Mandela.

The children’s desires and needs drive the program at StarKids Early Learning centre. The group’s “emergent program” refers to the children’s individual and social ideas and desires. Our educators understand the value of directing children’s learning and assisting them in recognising their abilities as learners. As a co-learner, facilitator, and analyst in a cyclic phase of observing preparation, intervention, documentation, assessment, and contemplation, the instructor plays a critical role in this process.

Children learn to live interdependently as they engage collaboratively in daily routines and provide opportunities to respond to decisions.

StarKids Early Learning Centre is a place of creativity where children can learn in an organised and engaging atmosphere. Our educators encourage open and flexible relationships and offer opportunities for children to showcase their work and accomplishments. We create learning environments that promote self-selection. Children are supported to control their environment and be comfortable and satisfied.

We think it is essential that the centre invests in local events and play an active role in the neighbourhood. We believe we should serve as social activists for our children by educating the public about early childhood development benefits.

When children’s family and group understandings are recognised and included, they are more likely to be confident and active learners.

The nature of our relationships and experiences with the world determines our state of well-being and future. Our educators at StarKids Yamanto childcare recognise the significance of children’s national, cultural, and personal experience. They use this information to help them navigate the start of their lives.

We believe children should have a say in the activities and experiences offered for them, so our curriculum is focused on current subjects that concern them, including a combination of child-initiated and teacher-led activities and experiences. Staff and parents are invited to have support and guidance on the programs, strategies, and procedures that are planned.