Involved Learning and Incorporating Values At StarKids

Encouraging Learning and Incorporating Values from Infancy

At StarKids Early Learning Centre, we make every effort to fulfil the needs of the children in our care. In our state-of-the-art childcare centre, we strive to do this by delivering a loving, healthy, compassionate, warm, cheerful, and engaging learning atmosphere.

Children are encouraged to discover their surroundings, and we assist them in forming and developing trustworthy relationships with other children and educators. We believe that play is essential in every area of a child’s development and that children should be regularly engaging in various learning activities. We believe a child’s learning should be promoted daily by formative experiences and conversations with his or her family.

We agree that being mindful of diversity and multiculturalism in the world in which we work and play is essential. We strive to embody diversity in both our Centre and our programming and believe that early childhood education is the bedrock of a child’s potential success. All children should be viewed equally and our cultural differences should be celebrated and

What We Do at StarKids

StarKids Early Learning Centre is a privately-owned child care centre that advocates for Australian children’s future. Offering state-of-the-art, purpose-built facilities, amazing educators and an engaging curriculum.

We advocate for early learning service providers to ensure that all Australian families and children can access accessible, high-quality early learning programs.

Through our experience, we recognise the vital role that a successful early childhood program plays in the lives of families, and the importance of a sustainable long-day care sector in providing children with the best possible start in life and learning.

We have a wealth of knowledge in early childhood education, teaching, and management.

We collaborate with the federal and state governments, regulatory agencies, and other partners to ensure that families have a safe, accessible, and viable sector in the future.

Our Vision at StarKids

To foster a positive atmosphere that promotes a sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

To provide a healthy and comfortable learning atmosphere in which children can play, explore, and improve at their own pace and age.

To give the children time to refine and exercise things they’ve learned so they can feel positive and content.

To encourage and build a welcoming, versatile indoor and outdoor atmosphere that is full of possibilities.

To encourage honest and open dialogue with all of our families, acknowledging their views and viewpoints and, where applicable, integrating these ideas into our curriculum.

To encourage and endorse sustainable activities for the children in all rooms of our Centre.